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Senior data scientist & data engineer. Currently at ThoughtWorks.

Volunteer team lead at Data Science for Social Good Berlin.

I love university. I have studied computer science, philosophy, business, psychology, sociology and political science — so far.

Lived in Europe, the Americas and Asia. Traveled to all continents other than Antarctica.

Native Berliner.

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Some words about this site

In my career, I have worked as a technologist both in the corporate and nonprofit sectors. The dramatically different approach to technology in both sectors worries me.

The private sector has embraced technology: I have been employed to analyze customer behavior, build machine learning models to predict loan application success or optimize newsfeeds.

Yet when we look at the social sector, we frequently rely on the same tools that we have used for decades. While some of them are timeless, others are the equivalents of printed phone books and paper maps.

I have seen organizations rely on stacks and stacks of paper forms to collect and process vital information needed for their operations. Getting lost in at least 10 different version of Excel sheets of their monitoring indicators e-mailed to different stakeholders at different times.

I keep wondering: Nonprofits are doing their best to achieve as much social impact as possible with very limited funding and manpower. Why do we not try to make use of the most powerful tools available? Why do we limit our impact using unnecessarily complicated, unnecessarily time-consuming and less effective tools?

I believe it is urgent that the social sector steps up to use the power of data science for social good. It can help them achieve more impact. And nonprofits can be role models for a way to use technology in ways that benefits all of us.

On this website, I am exploring how data can be used to make the world a better place.


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